Stock market numbers great depression chart comparison

That pattern appears to be repeating now.

Graph of the stock market crash of — The Great Depression. And that was just its first crash on the long road to despair. The fall from the highest point in is January of this year.

stock market numbers great depression chart comparison

That gives you a sense of the scale of things that I believe are still to come. It still had a lot further to work its way down in and 32 see graphs that follow. The importance of looking on a percentage basis is that a point drop in the market means you lose half of your money if the market was only at a total of points; but when the market is at 20, points, a point drop is only a loss of half of a percent of your money.

So, the percentage of the market lost in each drop can be more important than the actual number of points lost.

An incredibly misleading chart is warning of a style market crash — Quartz

Every time it crashed, it bounced way back up and then fell again. Two steps down, one step up; two steps down, one step up. The market rounded downward in late November and December, and took its first drop into the Epocalypse in January.

Many feel the bear has been caged by this rally. Not by a long shot. When you look at the Great Depression, you can see how something like the Epocalypse I have been describing cannot be assessed by the first drop over the edge.

Dow Jones - Year Historical Chart | MacroTrends

It is a far greater beast that is the sum of many drops, but the first one citibank philippines forex us dizzy enough to get some major attention.

That ought to tell you how big the whole monster is. In this case, you can see the market rounded off twice before it fell over the cliff, and the rounded top had stock market numbers great depression chart comparison lot more duration than in Graph of the stock market crash of … so far.

There has not hsbc hong kong stock trading fees anything remotely resembling a true bull market for well over a year.

Talk of a bull market, as if it still exists, is lower than ludicrous. The Dow rounded off to its highest point in June of So, in my view, we are still in a declining or bearish market as measured by the Doweven today, as we have not broken out of that trend. The Fed also continues to maintain the huge money supply it created under quantitative easing. While it has stopped Q.

stock market numbers great depression chart comparison

That is a first in the world of economics. The mere thought of that should scare you. Things do round off first. Just like where we are now in Yesterday, it slipped to stall speed.

stock market numbers great depression chart comparison

More so than at any time I remember in my 56 years exchange rate history inr to usd living. So, this question about the latest rally remains in the balance: You know there is no question in my mind about where this is going. I only point out that the jury is not in yet. Article first published at http: Haggith is dedicated to regularly criticizing the daily news — not just the content but the uncritical, unthinking nature of almost all of the reporting.

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