Tactical rifle stocks mosin nagant

Tactical rifle stocks mosin nagant

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For our international customers, you will notice that there are no shipping charges listed on your invoice when you complete an order. We will email you a second invoice through Bluegrass Gunworks to process the export licensing to cover the additional charges associated with your order.

Shipping fees are based off of the address used with your order and we are required under ITAR to obtain an export license. However, please check your country and local regulations. Be aware that there may be duties and import taxes levied by your country even if there is no import license required.

We use the United States Postal Service-Priority Mail International- fully insured for international shipping purposes. The export license generally takes 10 business days to process from the date submitted. As part of the export license request under ITAR, on the second invoice containing the shipping charges, there is an additional statement included on the invoice.

We will need you to print, sign, date and email us a copy PDF, or JPEG for inclusion with the export license request. Whether you are looking to just have your Rock Solid Industries scope mount installed properly, or needing other services tailored to the Mosin Nagant and K, we have the capabilities and competitive pricing structure to fit your needs. For our dealers, please see our catalog for the dealer pricing structure.

If you are using any of the Rock Solid Industries mounts other then the RSI Scout Mount, you will have to modify your bolt with a bent handle. Our bolt modification service can replace your existing straight handle with a bent round, teardrop or threaded bolt handle.

Threading is a very popular option to the Mosin. There are some great flash suppressors on the market, but AAC makes one that tamed the Mosin flame and turned it into little more than sparks you would see struck from a Bic lighter. Click on the image below to go to Bluegrass Gunworks and see their gunsmith services. We create our rifle stocks out of Maple and Walnut hardwoods, and have created customs stocks out of rosewood and other materials.

The material arrives in foot custom cut sections, often sourced from right here in Kentucky. Anyone familiar with the lumber market and prices for walnut will understand why. A vacuum kiln is utilized to remove the moisture from the lumber until we obtain the moisture content we require. It also allows for a better bond with the binding agents we use with our cross laminated grip. Each lumber board is hand sorted, marked for the highest yield while cutting around the knots, checks, fissures and other problematic wood grain structure.

The stock blanks end up on our CNC routers. The catalyzed varnish we utilize performs very well at repelling moisture, dirt, and even offers UV protection. Only use cleaning solvents rates for wood finish products. Duracoat is a very popular finish. We started using it at the recommendation of numerous active duty and retired military service personnel. Just remember, it can take up to 30 days to get the complete cure!

So watch out for those harsh chemicals until the cure is complete-but generally safe to shoot by the time you receive your stock. The design of the stock itself is geared towards consistent accuracy in shooting, and greatly reducing the recoil that the Mosin is known for.

All of our rear pillars are cut to accept the Timney trigger system. This allows you to obtain the trigger pull that best works for you, and the safety with the Timney is a nice addition.

tactical rifle stocks mosin nagant

The barrel channel is designed to free float the barrel. This keeps the wood stock from touching warping into the rifle barrel-changing harmonics, etc and also allows the barrel to expand as it heats up, and other benefits with free floated barrels.

Comfort was something we were looking for with the stock design. The cellular structure of wood itself, using bedded pillars, the full length stock, and utilizing the Remington Super Cell recoil pad greatly effects the recoil. Our receiver cut is patterned off of the early hex receivers. As such, there is plenty of stock material and Devcon that can be removed by you to get the custom fit desired for your rifle.

You want to have your front lug and tang sit flat against the tops of the pillars. Common Mosin Installation Troubleshooting: The rear pillar has been cut to fit the Timney trigger. H owever, due to receiver variation you may need to further open the timney trigger cut one side or the other to get the proper clearance to ensure the timney trigger does not touch.

Shaving the tang will cause the barrel to adjust to the opposite side shave the left side to adjust barrel to the right. A lower front lug on your receiver could allow the barrel to touch the bottom of the channel. This is more rare, and is easily corrected with a small washer. If your receiver screws do not thread properly, you can make an easy adjustment by enlarging reaming the rear pillar or adjusting the rear pillar angle. If minor adjustments in the rear and the front lug, and the barrel is still touching the barrel channel , please email us.

Bent Bolts for the Mosin-Nagant and Custom Gunsmithing, CerakoteGun-Kote and Hydrographics - Mosin-Nagant Bent Bolts, Gunsmithing and Custom Gunstocks, Cerakote, Hydrographics

At this point you will be better served drilling out the front pillar and having us send you a replacement front pillar that you can install with J. Weld in order to have the proper fit to your receiver. The addition of the monopod system to the butt of the stock is what turns a tactical mosin nagant stock into an SF tactical mosin nagant stock.

We have some great beta testers in the Phoenix area and at various military establishments around the country who have helped us develop this style of stock, including the monopod. With their feedback we also made the cross laminated grip design a standard feature on our rifle stocks. Normally one of the weakest areas of the rifle stock, the cross grain lamination greatly enhances the strength, and pound for pound, is stronger than steel.

These are the comments from the special forces shooters that we have the great privileged to have worked with in helping us develop this stock that allows those on a budget to still be able to afford a 1, yard rifle.

This is a response to the question of how did the gun assemble?

Archangel Taking Pre-Orders for Mosin Nagant Rifle Stock

And, I drilled out the pillar beds a few thousandths for temp expansion between the aluminum pillars and steel allen bolts. You should have a smile from ear to ear. Your stock has all the guys approval.

They really love the look of it and the design. Despite the wind and snow, our stock was able to compete in the inter-agency function against rifles costing many thousands of dollars, and below follows the after action report. A bit more recoil than an M4, but less than an AK. It was an absolute joy to fire. It was the least amount of recoil we had out. And had the most power, velocity and accuracy of any of the Government Issue.

Everyone was absolutely blown away with the stock.

The Ultimate Monster Mosin Nagant Build. The Archangel BC 91/30-UK59 Heavy

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Mosin Nagant - Transforming a Legend

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