Investopedia stock simulator review

Investopedia stock simulator review

Author: Graysp Date: 23.05.2017

Earlier this week I reviewed the Virtual Stock Exchange stock simulator, which was well setup and easy to use. Today I am covering the stock simulator that almost everyone has either heard of or uses, the Investopedia Simulator. Not only is it free to use, but it can be your ticket to some serious online trading practice.

investopedia stock simulator review

The investopedia simulator is free to use, and registration is pretty straightforward. Investopedia has made is extremely simple for you to join new games, create games, and trade stocks in your portfolio. The big plus about Investopedia is that everything is free game: The order forms are very simple to understand, and are very similiar to making a real life stock trade online. It takes 20 minutes for the trade to show up on your portfolio overview page, and that is being covered next.

How Do You Use Stock Simulators? | Investopedia

So once you register and make your first trade and it shows up in your portfolio, you will see exactly how that position is performing. The overview page will show you:. Below is a screenshot taken from my portfolio, only can fit the far right, but it is for my Amazon. From the portfolio overview page you can also write notes to yourself which you can look back on and read. Overall I really enjoy the investopedia stock simulator.

I have used it for a few years and will continue to use it for years to come.

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Even as your trading progresses it still can offer you a way to practice and improve your investment skills. Best of all being free you really have nothing to lose but your time for practice.

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investopedia stock simulator review
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